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“Queer Connections Podcast Ep. 6: Embracing Intimacy: A Candid Conversation with Queer Sex & Pleasure Coach Whitni Miller”
Join us in this enlightening episode as we dive deep into the world of intimacy and pleasure with renowned Queer Sex and Pleasure Coach, Whitni Miller. Together, we explore the elusive “spark” in dating and how to navigate it, empowering you to foster genuine connections. Whitni shares her expert insights on how to openly communicate your sexual needs with a new partner, ensuring a fulfilling and respectful relationship. But that’s not all! We also discuss the transformative power of embracing pleasure over orgasms, redefining what sexual satisfaction means. Whether you’re in a new relationship or looking to enhance your current one, this episode is packed with wisdom, tips, and so much more to enrich your romantic and sexual life. Tune in and let’s celebrate the joy of intimacy!
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“Relatable | Relationships Unfiltered – Foreplay and Intimacy with Whitni Miller”Dr Elizabeth Fedrick
 Dr. Liz hangs out with Whitni Miller, Pleasure Coach, to break down the five types of intimacy. Dr. Liz and Whitni discuss emotional, physical, intellectual, experiential, and spiritual intimacy, including what each type of intimacy consists of and different ideas about how to engage in each. They explore the importance of having various types of intimacy in your relationship to create the highest levels of closeness and connection. Dr. Liz and Whitni also get very relatable by sharing about their own favorite types of intimacy.



“Locker Room Talks and Shots” Annette Bendetti
Locker Room Talk & Shots Podcast host Annette Benedetti chats with pleasure coach Whitni Miller from BDE Moves about spontaneous and responsive desire styles. Do you ever get frustrated when your partner grabs your pussy out of the blue expecting instant arousal and open access to the sex? You might be a responsive desire style. This information will help you stoke passion in your relationship whether you and your partner have the same desire styles or different. But this conversation covered so much more. From the woman’s prostate to what squirting actually is, to some next-level tips for how to turn your responsive partner ON Whitni shares more than even the Locker Room hostess expected.
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“Locker Room Talks and Shots” Annette Bendetti
Do you prefer Vanilla Sex? Or are you curious about BDSM, but have zero interest in going 50 shades? Listen, you don’t have to wade clit deep in bondage and paddle practices to benefit from the world of BDSM. Locker Room Talk & Shots Podcast Hostess Annette Benedetti sits down with Lesbian Pleasure Coach and Sex Educator Whitni Miller to talk about BDSM practices, tips & tricks that can be used to make Vanilla sex more orgasmic.



“Locker Room Talks and Shots” Annette Bendetti”
What is foreplay? Do you think you know the answer to this very common question. I’m willing to bet, your answer is wrong…at least a little. Locker Room Talk & Shots Podcast Host Annette Benedetti sits down to talk to Lesbian Pleasure Coach and Sex Educator Whitni Miller about foreplay. The two answer questions sent in by listeners of all sexual orientations and gender identities.  This episode offers insights into some of the barriers to pleasure and orgasm-filled intimacy that exist in a variety of relationships, as well as a new perspective on what foreplay is, when it begins and how it can lead to better sex.


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“Make Some Noise” Andrea Owens
Sex educator and pleasure coach Whitni Miller joins me for a conversation about intimacy, relationships, and sex. When I decided to create a theme around women’s health, Whitni was one of the several guests I was hoping would say yes to being a guest. And, she did! Whitni focuses on maximizing female pleasure through self-work and relational communication, which you’ll hear about in this episode.



“Sexually Speaking with Shannon”
After a couple of years of feeling like a fan girl trying to connect with Whitni Miller, aka BDE.Moves, I finally got to talk with her! Whitni is an amazing human who is creating sexy content with tangible tools for all people to implement!
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“Sex Ed with DB”
This week, Danielle chats with fellow sex educator and TikToker Whitni Miller, aka @BDE.moves. They discuss intimacy in relationships, desire, and about Whitni’s work as a pleasure coach. They also talk about the difficulties of promoting sex positive content on TikTok and social media.



“The Electric Feminine ⚡️ podcast”
In this episode we speak with sex educator and pleasure coach, Whitni Miller, about her work, the female orgasm and how we can be more in control of our pleasure. Whitni introduces us to the importance of breathing  during sex, specifically belly breathing, a technique that focuses on relaxing the pelvic and belly area while allowing the rest of the bodies muscles to engage. The results are a deeper longer orgasm.
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