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LBL - Group Coaching + Community G1

Who This Is For: Late blooming lesbians who need individualized support in navigating life as a newly out lesbian (Bisexual and Pansexual folks are welcome too!) Program Format: Bi-weekly live video sessions (recorded for lifetime access); bi-weekly individualized email support for each participant; small group size (20 peoplemaximum); flexible timeline (sign up for one month at a time); private platform for communicating with other group members in between live sessions Days and Time for Live Sessions: Every Other Thursday at 7:00pm Eastern Time What Will You Will Receive:*Support in setting goals and intentions in developing personal strength as you learn to embrace your queerness*Help identifying blocks in your sexual experience and learn how to unblock these places*A safe space for learning how to let go of heteronormative social programming and how to deprogram from compulsory heterosexuality*How to set boundaries and own your beautiful queer self*Guidance in how to gain confidence and socialize in queer community as a newly out lesbian (or bi/pan person)*The queer sex education you never got/how lesbians actually have sex (with full details!)*Knowledge about how to flirt with womenā€”reading body language, how to use your voice/tone, how flirting with women is different from heteronormative flirting*Support for queer dating*Celebration of your successes along the way*Community and group support*And more! Program Cost: $300 per month (for as many months as you would like to participate) *Note: the time commitment from Whitni is highly valuable (valued at $400-$500 per dedicated hour) and she is dedicating time to you directly in this group.

$300.00 USD every month