More About Whitni...

Whitni Miller, CEO of BDE Moves aka BDEMoves on TikTok, Instagram, & Facebook is a powerhouse of empowerment, knowledge, & research into the fascinating world of human pleasure!


Find your pleasure,

speak your pleasure,

OWN your pleasure!


Less performing,

more feeling!


Nothing is hotter

than consideration,

intention, & effort!

Who is Whitni...

A highly regarded sex educator & pleasure coach. Whitni believes pleasure is not one size fits all. She sees pleasure as a subjective experience that can only be defined by the individual. Her main goal in working with clients is to help them find their way home to themselves. Because the truth is something that can only be defined within.


Whitni spends countless hours working hard to empower people in their own sexuality & pleasure. With years of experience, data, research, & ongoing learning she has delved deep into what information there is around all things sex related, specifically for vulva owners. Her greatest mission is to empower people to move past performative mindsets to a pleasure based model of self discovery, acceptance, & excitement. Whitni works tirelessly to create a community where everyone feels welcome & safe to be curious about themselves & sexual health.

What the experts say about Whitni...


She has been endorsed & highly recommended by leaders in the field like Lori Brotto, PhD. who said, “Whitni provides accurate, accessible, evidence-based, normalizing, and valid sex information and education. We met when Whitni featured my team’s research in her TikTok videos, and I reached out to thank her. She has garnered a following…on TikTok, and her channel has undoubtedly become an important source of sexual health information, and pleasure empowerment for many. As an academic researching sexual health, I am grateful to individuals like Whitni who are able to disseminate the science to the masses…”