About BDE Moves...

Whitni Miller, CEO of BDE Moves aka BDEMoves on TikTok, Instagram, & Facebook is a luminary of empowerment, knowledge, & research into the fascinating world of human pleasure! She established BDE Moves, LLC in 2022 & quickly established herself as an expert!

Mission & Goals:

At BDEmoves, our mission is to empower queer couples to embrace radical self-acceptance, own their unique pleasures, and cultivate deeper connections through effective communication and evidence-based sex education. We believe that true intimacy starts with a strong foundation of self-love and mutual understanding.

As a queer couples intimacy and relationship coach, I focus on enhancing the emotional bonds that strengthen physical intimacy. My approach begins with fostering open and effective communication, recognizing that healthy dialogue is essential before addressing physical aspects of intimacy. By guiding couples through self-reflection and positive self-talk, I help them break down barriers to receiving love and expressing gratitude.

Our services include personalized couples coaching, immersive workshops, and comprehensive pre-recorded courses. Through these offerings, couples learn to navigate and repair conflicts, express their desires directly, and build a resilient partnership rooted in trust and mutual respect. Inspired by the work of John and Julie Gottman, I advocate for intentional and effortful relationships where self-improvement leads to stronger connections and more fulfilling intimacy.

My warm and professional coaching style has helped many couples, such as Bri and Rachel, who now face conflict head-on and repair effectively, and Katrin and Marianne, who deepened their commitment after overcoming fears. Kam and Theo rediscovered confidence and creativity, reigniting their passion and fun in the bedroom. These success stories highlight the transformative power of our work together.

Join me on a journey to deeper connection, where your unique desires are celebrated, and every conflict is an opportunity for growth. Together, we can build the strong, intimate relationships you deserve.


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 Whitni Miller, also known as Bde.moves, is a distinguished figure in Queer couples' intimacy coaching and sex education, boasting over four years of expertise in guiding individuals and couples towards authentic pleasure. Grounded in principles of radical self-acceptance and relational communication, Whitni fosters transformative experiences, empowering clients to embrace their desires with confidence.


Find your pleasure,

speak your pleasure,

OWN your pleasure!


Less performing,

more feeling!


Nothing is hotter

than consideration,

intention, & effort!

Who is Whitni...

With a degree in project management and training from the Sexual Health Alliance, Whitni infuses her coaching with structure and mindfulness. Endorsed by luminaries in sexual health and psychology, including Dr. Lori Brotto and Dr. Lynda Spann, she shares her insights as a keynote speaker and educator at prestigious events like the Smut Conference and NCSEXCON. Additionally, Whitni is kink-educated and trauma-informed, ensuring a holistic approach to her coaching practice. Through her warmth and dedication, Whitni facilitates profound transformations, guiding clients on journeys of self-discovery towards fulfilling intimacy and relationships.

What the experts say about Whitni...


She has been endorsed & highly recommended by leaders in the field like Lori Brotto, PhD. who said, “Whitni provides accurate, accessible, evidence-based, normalizing, and valid sex information and education. We met when Whitni featured my team’s research in her TikTok videos, and I reached out to thank her. She has garnered a following…on TikTok, and her channel has undoubtedly become an important source of sexual health information, and pleasure empowerment for many. As an academic researching sexual health, I am grateful to individuals like Whitni who are able to disseminate the science to the masses…”